streetIn the year 2030 the technology revolution surges forward at full throttle. Data is established as the life-blood of the world, critical to the fastest growth in wealth ever seen. A small band of collaborators have formed a cartel in an attempt to control data-flow, they call themselves the ‘Data Cartel®’.

Data brings influence, power and wealth.

As the Cartel gets stronger they develop a plan to manipulate the world for commercial gain. The nature of this influence causes some to question whether this represents a danger to society. Are people being turned into machines, where choice no longer exists and the tech controls them? A resistance to the Cartel is formed. They seek a world that embraces technology, but respects and cherishes some of the most important parts of life – the ability to discover, explore, evolve, help and enjoy this new entangled reality of cyber-humanity.

Follow the exciting story of Data Cartel® as the resistance makes a brave bid to tell the world the truth and offer an alternative. The stakes are high, the lines are blurred, it’s not clear who is right and who is wrong. A new beginning for some, but a journey that others will pay for with their lives.

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